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Randy Industries

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Randy Phillips is a Regional & National Award winning video producer who is a lifetime resident of west central Illinois with nearly 40 years of experience with video and audio productions.

Contact Information

Phone – 217-242-4969

Email – [email protected]

Mailing address – 2016 East 2000th St. Camp Point, IL 62320

Production office – 830 Hampshire St. Quincy, IL 62301

Voice Over Talent

Randy says….

Back in 3rd grade, I was in the Christmas play with a speaking role. Afterwards, the teacher came over to my parents & said, “you know, Randy has a really good speaking voice. He should do something with that.”

Mrs. Cook was right, I did do something with it (eventually).

I’ve been a voice talent on countless local TV & radio commercials over the years and you’ll hear me on plenty of answering machine systems around the area & these days, I do around 750-1000 voice tracks monthly for various real estate programs from coast to coast helping sell multi million dollar homes.

I can also do all types of voice characterizations to give your project “something extra”.

You name the style… “soft & caring”, “big & exciting”, “low & slow”, “fun & upbeat”, “Santa”, “Dracula”, “nerd”, “little kid”, ”old man”, “foreign accents” & countless others. Just tell me what you need & I’ll get in front of the mic!

Video Production

What do I bring to your table? Well, I’ve been working professionally in the video production field for over 35 years, so I think that says a lot. It’s been my lifetime career.

I directed live newscasts for 13 years, ran several creative departments, garnered a table full of creativity & production awards & have run a successful video production business of my own for years.

I feel like I have a unique knowledge in the field & can offer insights & a perspective that’s a bit different from what you might be used to!

Media Transfers

I started working with 8mm films in junior high school WAY back in 1973. When I began working in the control room of a local television station in 1982, they were still receiving programs on 16mm film & we had to transfer that to a videotape format for playback on air.

Working with film, all formats of videotape from consumer up through professional 2” quadraplex has let me amass a tremendous amount of expertise in what are now, obsolete media formats.

And there’s the key word…obsolete.

Videotape has a varied shelf life depending on how it’s been stored. Eventually, the oxide on the tape WILL break down & those tapes WILL be lost.

Many of your home videos can no longer be viewed because the player you had has quit working or has been stored away.

Randy Industries can preserve those precious family memories on either dvd or digital formats so you & future generations of your family can relive those moments in time so many years ago.

Commercial Drone Operations

These days, almost everybody has a drone. They’re fun & exciting, but can also be a hazard. The skies the limit for many & while most units have a preset maximum legal altitude of 400’, and that can be overridden. Drones have been spotted by aircraft at several thousand feet near high traffic airports, posing a life threatening hazard to manned aircraft.

Most people use their drones recreationally, but if you want to fly one for any type of commercial purposes, you are required by law to take an FAA certified course & receive a Small Unmanned Aerial System (SUAS) commercial license, which must be renewed every 2 years. Knowledge of airspace classifications, appropriate altitudes & a plethora of other facts are required to obtain the license.

I’m not only a commercially certified & $1,000,000 insured FAA SUAS operator, but also a commercially certified aircraft pilot.

I hold all the necessary ratings to fly single & multi engine aircraft & currently fly regularly as a first officer in a corporate jet all across North America.

This, coupled with my years of video production experience, give me a unique vision in producing your special project.

Garage Doors by Voorhis in Quincy, Illinois

Voorhis Construction Garage Door Systems

Mike Voorhis, his son, and the rest of the crew, want to help you with your garage door problems:

  • Opener Repairs
    • Bent rails, bad safety sensor eyes, gears worn out, fried circuit boards, broken chain. These are all issues that are very common problems with a garage door opener. We can fix most of them with one trip to your home or business location. We carry replacement parts for almost every brand out there!
  • Spring Repairs
    • The spring or springs on your garage doors are designed to take up most of the weight so that the door feels light and easy to open and close. When a spring breaks due to age or an accident, you’ll see just how heavy that door really is…possibly leaving it impossible to open until fixed. Voorhis Garage Doors can fix your springs fast and have you back in business!
  • Garage Door Repairs
    • Squeaky rollers? Bent tracks? Saggy panels? Broken hinges? All of these problems can drive you crazy and make your garage door inoperable. If you let a little problem go for too long, you might have to replace the entire door, track, or opener. Call us for some yearly preventive maintenance. We’ll tune up your garage door. You won’t believe how quietly it can operate when we’ve finished.
Serving the tri-state area of Illinois, Missouri and Iowa
    • Adams
    • Hancock
    • Pike
    • Brown
    • Schuyler
    • McDonough
    • Cass
    • Morgan
    • Scott
    • Green
    • Marion
    • Lewis
    • Clark
    • Ralls
    • Pike
    • Lincoln
    • Audrain
    • Monroe
    • Shelby
    • Knox
    • Scotland
    • Adair
    • Macon
    • Randolph
    • Lee
    • Van Buren
    • Des Moines
    • Davis
    • Henry

Jim Mulhern Builders L.L.C.

Jim Mulhern Builders L.L.C. in New London, Missouri

Jim started in the building business in 1983. Working with his brother-in-laws, Jim and Tom Eddy, they were involved in building new homes, renovations, remodels, and even log cabins. They were extremely proud that River City Restorations asked them to work for them on the restoration of President Lincoln’s home in Springfield, IL.

Jim began building custom homes in 1987 and continues to do so today. Jim employs 6 full-time employees, most of whom have been with him for the last 15 to 25 years. Jim believes that it is his employees that make this company a success. The custom work and detail that these employees give to each project is amazing. They really go above and beyond. “So proud of these guys!”

Jim is also proud to announce the addition of his son James (Paddy) Mulhern to the business. Paddy, who earned his degree in Business Management from the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida, brings a new fresh and younger vision to the business. Paddy has been instrumental in the development of this web site. He believes that there is a shift in new homes toward a more open concept with more outdoor living area and a greener approach to building.

We are still an old fashioned building company that works directly with the home owner from start to finish. We are here for all your building needs no matter the size of the project. We treat every job as a custom job…giving that extra eye to detail and–more importantly–listening to our customers.

We are extremely proud to offer references upon request.