Ready. Set. Grow. Adams County, Illinois

ready set growYOU have the power to shape your child’s future. 

Did you know that every time we talk, read, and play with our children, their brains are growing the foundation upon which all future learning is built?

Parents and caregivers have what it takes to grow their child’s brain and impact their future. Everyday moments like bathing, diapering, buckling the car seat, shopping, going for a walk, playing, and looking at a book are opportunities to connect and can have lasting positive effects. In the first few years of life, 700 new neural connections are formed in the brain every second. When parents respond to their babies and talk with their babies they are growing neural connections before the baby is one year old.

Talking with babies and toddlers is powerful. Vocabulary and language skills, at 3 years old, predict third grade school achievement at age nine.  Vocabulary use in first grade can predict more than 30 percent of eleventh-grade reading comprehension. And, first grade number sense predicts 5th grade math test scores. [Early Number sense plays a role in later math skills] Many parents don’t realize the tremendous effect their words have on their children. 

All parents and caregivers deserve to know about their power to shape their children’s futures.  Learn about our projects and learn how to be a brain builder.

Bleigh Ready Mix

Bleigh Ready Mix is a family owned and operated company in business since 1977. We are ready to help you with all your concrete needs.

Bleigh Ready Mix is a division of Bleigh Construction Co. and is in its third generation of leadership. Bleigh Construction was founded in 1950.

We have three locations to serve you in the midwest. Give us a call at the location closest to your next job site!

Tri-State Outdoor Products in West Point Iowa

Welcome to Tri-State Outdoor Products LLC and Gifts & More, where we offer low maintenance vinyl fence and decking, railing, Traeger pellet grills and a wide array of specialty gifts to help enhance the look of your home that will last and last!  We are conveniently located on Highway 218 just north of Donnellson, Iowa.  Check out our products and give us a jingle or stop in and we will answer any questions you may have about designing your dream look for your home!

Earl Stuekerjuergen, the current owner, started the business in 1991 and operated the business out of his garage. In the spring of 2000 he built the current location on Highway 218. Since then the business has grown to over 10,000 square feet under one roof.

Tri-State Outdoor Products LLC is the largest retailer of vinyl fence and decking in the tri-state area and boasts the largest showroom in the Midwest. Customers regularly compliment us on the quality of our facility and their ability to touch and see all of our products in person in a climate controlled environment.

We have our own trained installers or we also sell directly to you if you wish to install yourself. You will also find our sales staff second to none if you have any questions of any of your products.

Stop by and see us today!