Advertising Tips

Advertising Tip #1

Use emotion in your advertising! 75% of all buying decisions are based on emotion, not logic. Watch any major national advertising campaign for proof of this theory.


Advertising Tip #2

“That’s the way we’ve ALWAYS done it!” is the death of any business. Review your business plan and marketing every quarter, not every year! Be flexible!


Advertising Tip #3

Advertise to reach your target buyer, not to please yourself. Step away from your biases and be ready to take an outsider’s view of your business.


Advertising Tip #4

Don’t put all of your advertising dollars in “cheap”…you’ll get what you pay for. VALUE is important in ANY advertising decision. Leave “cheap” for your competitors!


Advertising Tip #5

Be steady…be consistent. Huge fluctuations in your advertising can also mean fluctuations in your business. Your marketing needs a “steady hand”…let RPM help!