Quincy High School Basketball, the Blue Devils

qhsbasketballAccording to Webster’s, tradition is defined as the “handing down of beliefs and customs by word of mouth or by example without written instruction. It is an inherited pattern of thought or action. “Quincy is certainly known for its love of basketball but it goes beyond an appreciation for the game. It is the commitment by a community of people that makes Blue Devil Basketball a fixture of this town.
Twenty-eight State Tournament appearances, and thirteen State Tournament trophies have prompted such avid commitment and support… or are the trophies a result of the commitment and the support? It is believe the latter to be true. From November to March, our gym is filled with faces of adults who have seen the great games, they watched all the great teams, and can recite the rosters from years gone by. Across the way are the faces of the young who have heard all the stories and now can witness the action from their designated places in the stands. Behind the scenes, volunteers will come forth for every possible task; sometimes before the need even arises they are there to promote the cause. In the eyes of a young man who steps into a Blue Devil uniform one can witness the desire, the pride, and the dream that is now his. It has been said that a Quincy basketball player is one who can only be defeated by a clock that happens to run out of time. He is what every young boy hopes to become and what every old man looks back with pride that he once was. To uphold tradition, people will commit their time, their talents, their money, and even their lives for the sake of preserving what has always been. In every sense of the word, Blue Devil Basketball is a…