Miss Quincy 2019 available on DVD

The 2019 Quincy, Illinois Miss Quincy pageant was held on January 5, 2019 in the Quincy Community Theater.

This annual event can be yours on DVD.

DVDs of the event are $20 each.  You can order by contacting Randy Industries at 217-242-4969 or quincymediapro@yahoo.com in Quincy, Illinois.  We can ship you any number of DVDs for an extra $10.  Order your DVD copy of this memory now:

Miss Quincy candidates:

#1 Darlene Steinkamp

Age: 22

Parents: Jason and Katy Steinkamp

#2 Paige Olin

Age: 20

Parents: Darrin and Michelle Olin

#3 Alana Brown

Age: 24

Parents: Curt and Jennifer Brown

#4 Madison Baker

Age: 18

Parents: Mike and Andrea Baker

#5 Jessica Fox

Age: 24

Parents: Mark and Marilyn Fox

#6 Crystal Middendorf

Age: 18

Parents: Joe and Julie Middendorf

#7 Samantha Clostermery

Age: 21

Parents: Don and Marcie Clostermery

Miss Quincy’s Outstanding Teen candidates:

#1 Madeline Miller

Age: 15

Parents: Bethany Nannen and Jason Moles, Dustin and Alison Miller

Sponsor: Parents and Grandparents

#2 Mia Blaesing

Age: 14

Parents: Jim and Jennifer Blaesing

Sponsor: American Inter-Fidelity Exchange