Absorbent Glass Mat Lead Acid Batteries by Trojan


Battery Options

Battery Power Synonymous with Horsepower

Choose one of Yamaha’s two great battery options. Featuring the easy to maintain Motive T875-AGM lead-acid battery and the time-tested Motive T-875 FLA. No matter your choice, you are sure to have efficient, reliable power in all of your cars.

Trojan T875 Batteries

Worry-Free through the Life of the Lease

  • Protected by a “Life of the Lease” warranty
  • Easy to maintain, no need to water
  • Shorter charging time than standard FLA batteries
  • Manufactured from 98% recyclable materials

Our new Motive T875-AGM battery option provides power and reliability unlike anything else in the industry.  Built with a sealed design, AGM lead-acid batteries are convenient and reliable.  Plus, they are easy to maintain—absolutely no watering is required—so you can stay focused on what matters.

AGM batteries do not lose water during use, due to their sealed design and catalytic cap that recombines the hydrogen with oxygen to make water, which trickles back down into the cell and never gets lost. No more battery maintenance – you don’t have to do anything except replace them when they wear out.