Bike for Food Pantries 2016

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Bike for Food Pantries Update — June 8, 2016

Since 2006, Bike for Food Pantries has raised over $321,000 for food pantries in Illinois, Iowa and Missouri. The 2015 Bike for Food Pantries raised $111,000 for food pantries in Illinois, Iowa and Missouri. This year Mark Wiewel is continuing his 11th Annual Bike for Food Pantries fund raise independently. He is pedaling his recumbent bicycle 2,400 miles, or 200 miles for each of the twelve food pantries located in Quincy, IL; Hannibal, Palmyra, Canton, MO; and Ft. Madison, IA. The 2016 goal is $112,000 in donations to the 12 food pantries below in the form of cash, checks, food, personal hygiene products, school supplies, etc. by December 31, 2016. Mark Wiewel will personally match a portion of the total donations received by each of the Bike for Food Pantries in 2016 that are marked with the word ‘BIKE”, or other donations made as a result of the Bike for Food Pantries fund raiser as determined by food pantry personnel/volunteers. Checks must be made payable to one of the food pantries below, please write the word “BIKE” on your check and mail it to the food pantry. In addition to checks; food pantries will also accept cash, food, personal hygiene products, cleaning supplies and school supplies. Donations are always needed and very much appreciated. Thank you for your support. If you have any questions about Bike for Food Pantries, please call Mark Wiewel at 217-242-5035 or email him at Donations of any amount or quantity are very much appreciated. Please tell the food pantry volunteer to include your generous donation as a part of the Bike for Food Pantries fund raiser. Donations made to food pantries are tax deductible.


As of June 7, 2016, I have pedaled already 848 miles towards my goal of 2,400 miles. On June 12 -17th my oldest daughter Caroline and family friend Gabe Vanderbol and I are pedaling our bikes approximately 300 miles in 6-days in the 14th Annual Grand Illinois Trail and Parks Bike Tour sponsored by Ride Illinois. The 6-day bicycle tour begins on July 12th in Coal City, IL near Joliet with overnight stops in Ogelsby, Washington, Bloomington-Normal and Pontiac before returning to Coal City on June 17. Parts of the ride will be on the Illinois-Michigan Canal Trail (gravel), Mackinaw Valley Trail and Illinois’ Historic Route 66, a.k.a. “the mother road”. Please pray that we have a safe ride.

Please look for the Bike for Food Pantries Donate Here Signs (See picture below)

The list and contact information for the 2016 Bike for Food Pantries is listed below.

Thank you for supporting food pantries and the Bike for Food Pantries Fund Raiser.

Mark Wiewel