Get Christmas shopping started…or done early

Convert your old camcorder tape memories to DVD or digital format…but they never leave town.

We will transfer your home movies & videos for you! 8mm film, VHS, Beta tapes, 16mm film, reel-to-reel audio, cassettes, and more! We transfer it all! Get your favorite home movie or video put onto a high quality DVD, thumb drive or hard drive! Call or visit for more information! RPM, Reed Promotional Media, 1905 Jefferson Street, Suite B, Quincy, IL. 217-223-6262.  Call for more details.
Closed Fridays and weekends. Other hours by appointment.

Those digital MiniDV tapes degrade over time. Do you know how much longer the camera will pay them? Let us do the conversion and you’ll have a great surprise to bring out the next time everyone is together.