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Midwest Paints is proud to be the Authorized Dealer for a new, revolutionary product: The Galley Ideal Workstation™ for the Quincy and Hannibal area.

The award-winning, innovative Galley Workstation is much more than a sink, it is a super-functional, smart and stylish workstation where prepping, serving, entertaining, and clean-up can all happen in one simple, convenient place. It is ideal for any indoor or outdoor kitchen and works perfectly in both large and small kitchens. The Workstation is available in six standard sizes, both single and double-bowl, and in custom sizes by special order.

I invite you to contact us today, or, better yet, stop by our showroom to see how The Galley is literally changing the way people think about use their kitchens!

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Chicks on the River and Chicks on the Square

chicks on the river
Chicks on the River in Quincy, Illinois

Chicken Lips

A huge piece of all white meat chicken breast that is hand cut, hand battered, deep fried and then dipped in our homemade buffalo lip sauce or BBQ lip gloss and served with our very own blue cheese or ranch dressing. If you don’t want your lip sauced you want THEM NAKED!!!!

Homemade dressing/sauces: Blue Cheese, Ranch, Lip Sauce, BBQ Lip Gloss

1 lip with a side of dressing $3
4 lips with 2 sides of dressing $10
13 lips with 8 oz. of dressing $30
25 lips with 16 oz. of dressing $55

Chicks on the Square in Macomb, IL
Chicks on the Square in Macomb, IL

Chicken Lip Entrees

Lip Spud Each lip on top of a big baked potato covered with cheddar jack cheese, bacon, blue cheese and green onion $6
Lip Nachos 2 lips cut into pieces, tortilla chips, cheddar jack cheese, lip sauce and ranch dressing $9
Lip Pizzadilla 2 lips cut into pieces and baked with cheddar jack cheese on a blue cheese or ranch base pizza crust. Topped with lettuce, tomato and your choice of dressing or sauce $12
Lip Wrap 2 lips with lettuce, tomato and cheddar jack cheese wrapped up in a delicious spinach and herb tortilla and served with a side of dressing or sauce $9
Lip Salad 2 lips served on top of mixed greens with cucumber, tomatoes, blue cheese vinaigrette dressing and blue cheese crumbles $9
Lip Fries Seasoned waffle fries covered in lip chunks, cheddar jack cheese, ranch dressing and lip sauce $9

Switch up your sauces and dressings any way you like!