RPM donates DVD players, movies to Blessing Cancer Center

RPM donates DVD players, movies to Blessing Cancer Center

When cancer patient Dave Comer was going through chemotherapy treatments at the Blessing Cancer Center, he thought it would be nice if DVD players were available for patients so they could watch movies and make the time pass faster. Comer, marketing manager for the Quincy Gems and better known in the community as “Chicken Man,” shared the idea with his friend Kevin Reed of Reed Promotional Media in Quincy.

Reed took it to Facebook.

Donations started to pour in and before long RPM had enough money to buy 10 portable DVD players, a large supply of disposable headphones and 40 movies. RPM presented the Blessing Cancer Center with the gift on June 30.

“We are so grateful to Reed Promotional Media for making this generous donation possible. These items will greatly enhance the experience of chemotherapy patients at the Blessing Cancer Center,” said Bonnie Kleissle, administrative director of the Cancer Center.

“It’s also wonderful that one of our patients wanted to give back to the Cancer Center in such a meaningful way,” Kleissle said of Comer, who was treated for esophageal cancer at the Cancer Center and finished chemotherapy and radiation therapy treatments in February.

Reed encourages the public to help build the Blessing Cancer Center’s movie library by donating used DVDs. People can drop off DVDs at RPM, 811 Maine.